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63,000+ Searches Happen Each Second

Whatever you call SEO, it might be local SEO services, enterprise SEO, organic SEO services, eCommerce SEO, professional SEO services, affordable SEO and best SEO services among others, the main bone of contention is reaching your target audience when it matters most. 


of online experiences begin with a search engine.


of people never scroll past the first page of results.


of users research a product before making a purchase.

Affordable Water Damage Restoration SEO

will wreck your business. Let me explain …

We’ve all heard about affordable water damage SEO. The question is: “Do they work?” and if they do “how long do they take to work?”

I am here to tell you point-blank: DO NOT fall for the trap of affordable Water Damage SEO services. You know, the SEO that costs you less than a good $1000 on a monthly basis.

What is affordable Water Damage SEO?

The word “affordable” is subjective. For example, a company that makes over a million dollars in revenue could have a  $5000 per month SEO budget. However, to them, that could be affordable.

On the other hand, for a local business that only generates a quarter of a million dollars in revenue per year, a $5000 per month SEO budget could be a high expense. That wouldn’t be affordable for them.

There’s one thing that holds true though: Great SEO is not cheap!

Cheap SEO will wreck your business and cost you precious time and money in the long run.

You can’t do much without money.

The 2 most important ranking factors in 2020 in the eyes of Google are good quality content and backlinks. Without a good SEO budget, these cannot be done properly.

SEO rates range between $80-$150 per hour.

If your budget is below $1,000 per month, how much time do you think your SEO company will invest in creating quality content for your website?

Do you think they will spend your limited budget in trying to acquire relevant backlinks?

Do you think your SEO marketing company can afford to pay for placement on quality websites?

An emphatic NO! Do not be deceived. Affordable SEO services could embarrass your brand online.

Since your budget is low, your SEO company has no option but to go cheap on content and could eventually get your site penalized by Google since they employ gray and even blackhat backlinks in an attempt to rank your website.

It Will Cost You Time and Money In the Long Run.

If your SEO pricing from your SEO company is below $1000 per month, run! I mean literally. Run!

I get it. The results of SEO don’t happen overnight. Because of this, many businesses do not feel the need to make significant investments upfront.

They take the cheaper (affordable SEO) route with the aim of increasing their visibility online and end up most of the time, with low rankings or better still with no significant rankings after 12 months and beyond.

The “cost” isn’t immediate.

It takes months of working with a bad SEO company to realize the cost. This “cost” comes in many different forms.

First, cheap SEO will likely land you a penalty.

So, even if the low-quality tactics work in the short-term, you will end up getting nailed later on.

If your site gets penalized, you will have to hire another agency just to get the penalty removed.

Once your site gets a penalty, it’s a long road to recovery. In fact, your previous traffic levels may never recover.

How Does Water Damage SEO Work?

Crawling & Indexing

Now that we know what SEO is, we’ll attempt to tackle the question “how does SEO work?”

Here’s how:

There are several ways by which Google gets information about your business. These include:

  • Web pages,
  • User-submitted content such as Google My Business and Maps user submissions,
  • Book scanning,
  • Public databases on the Internet,
  • and many other sources.

We’ll focus on one of these sources for now; your web pages.


What is Crawling?

Before your website or a particular page on your website gets to rank on search engines such as Google.com, certain things have to take place.

First, google’s spiders also known as Googlebot will scan your website to find out what pages exist on your website.

This process is called crawling.


What is Indexing?

After your web pages have been identified, Google tries to understand what your pages are about. This process is called indexing.

After Google understands what your web pages are about, they organize them on their server in a place called the Google Search Index. This is where all web pages of every indexable website are stored.

Best Water Damage SEO Services Company?

The 2 mistakes smart businesses make when choosing a Water Damage SEO service agency and how to avoid them.

Everyone makes mistakes, and that includes the best businesses. That’s why, before you start choosing a Water Damage SEO company, you should review the common and big mistakes that organizations often make when finding a Water Damage SEO agency.

These three mistakes include:

Choosing a “Cheap Water Damage SEO Company”

When it comes to Water Damage SEO services and agencies, pricing does matter.

You will get what you pay for.

If you pay $500 monthly, don’t expect to get results the results of a competitor paying $1000 or more monthly.

Here’s what you need to do.

You need to set a budget ($1000 and above) and find a Water Damage SEO company within that budget. The mistake, however, is that many businesses set very low budgets.

Don’t fall for “cheap Water Damage SEO”. In the long run, it will cost you more time and money.

This is so because of the fact that SEO companies who offer ultra-low so-called “affordable Water Damage SEO services” often under-deliver and use black-hat tactics to try and rank your website.

This strategy often backfires. You might not get hit with a Google penalty now, but several months or even years down the line, you might.

It’s not worth it. So what do you do if you don’t have $1000 plus to spend on Water Damage SEO services?

Wait! Wait until you have the budget to invest in SEO services.

Researching only local Water Damage SEO companies

I get it. As a business owner, you want the peace of mind that comes with dealing with local businesses.

But, what if your local Water Damage SEO services company is a “one-man show” who doesn’t have the experience of a real Water Damage SEO agency with hundreds of clients and real significant Water Damage SEO experience across multiple industry verticals?

If you chose to work with your local SEO guy and your competitor hired us to do their SEO, do you honestly think you’d stand a chance in beating them on Google?

No way! Why? One reason would be the fact that we have the industry partnerships to generate you the relevant backlinks (Google’s highest-ranking factor in 2020) that you need to rank well online.

Another reason will be that the fact that we have an in-house team of experienced copywriters who will not only produce valuable content for your website but write content that propels your prospects to take guided actions on your website, thereby boosting your conversions, be it in sales or lead generation.


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