If you offer mold remediation, mold testing, mold removal and mold inspection or assessment services, you should consider
hiring an expert and experienced mold remediation marketing company to help take your business to the next level.

This will help your business achieve higher ranks on search engines and greater visibility on social media. This is because most customers look for mold restoration services on the internet using their computers or smartphones. Having the right restoration marketing agency plays a big role if you own a mold damage restoration company.

Restoration Marketing HQ is the best mold remediation marketing agency out there. We have vast experience in the field, and we will ensure that your company generates more leads using the right Mold Removal/Remediation marketing methods for your mold restoration company.

Our digital marketing specialists have a wealth of experience in offering effective digital marketing services for mold damage restoration companies.

Below is the ultimate guide to Mold Remediation Marketing.


If you’ve just established your mold restoration company, here are four initial steps to help you establish
your online presence. These tips can also help you if you’ve been running your mold remediation company
for a while. Consider it as a way to audit your marketing.

1. Claim your Business Listing on Business Review Sites.

Start your mold remediation marketing campaign by claiming your business listing on business review sites.
We have plenty of websites where you can list your business for free.

Ensure your claim as many listings as you can. These sites will help increase your brand visibility, which makes it easier for your potential clients to find you and hire your services.

Claiming a business listing only takes a few minutes per website. Examples of major sites you can claim your businesses include Bing Places for Business, Yahoo! Local Business, and Google My Business.

Some websites often require one to confirm ownership of the company, but this typically takes only a few minutes. After you’ve claimed your mold restoration business, confirm whether your phone number is correct and up
to date.

Then ensure that your business name is spot-on and identical in each listing. The same applies to your address, phone number, and business description. Ensure your consistent with all abbreviations and remember to clearly state your business hours, too.

Write down a detailed description of your business and the services you offer, then copy it to every listing you do. You can also upload a clean, clear logo, along with relevant photos of your services.

Although all sites do not support this feature, always try to add as many as you can where possible. Most of these business listing sites also have advertising opportunities.

If you’re not ready to do a sponsored add to advertising your business, you can always familiarize yourself with the mold testing marketing options.

Remember that each platform has its pros and cons; make sure you compare the costs before investing.

2. Creating Social Media Accounts and Posting Regularly

Nowadays, most individuals spend most of their time on social media, which makes it a great tool for marketing your mold restoration business. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed by a huge number of followers, most followers don’t like seeing mold content in their social media feeds every day.

Instead of looking for ways to grow your followers, look for methods to help them find you when they need mold inspection and restoration services. Potential clients use social media to search for mold treatment services, so having an active social profile makes it easier for them to reach out to you.

Moreover, existing and previous customers can tag or refer you to their followers and friends. Consider creating accounts for your business on the big three social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you’re looking forward to creating video content, you can use YouTube or Vimeo.

LinkedIn offers a good platform as well. It offers a good opportunity to network with adjusters, insurance agents, as
well as other restoration businesses. Just avoid posting the same content across all platforms, tailor-make your content to target each audience accordingly.

Also, ensure that your phone number, business name, description, address, and working hours are consistent.
Always target your audiences correctly on all platforms. This should help you avoid using the same
repetitive sales pitch on different clients.

3. Ask Your Previous Customers for Referrals and Reviews

Reviews and referrals are among the most efficient methods of doing mold treatment marketing. Always ask your clients for a referral and review after completing any job. When asking for reviews, ask your clients about social media sites they like using.

Then send them links to your profile, which will make it easier for them to leave a review. Ensure you keep track of the review process by appreciating them after they’ve posted their review.

Asking for referrals should also be done in a similar manner. Apart from leaving them with your flyer or business cards, let them know how they can find you on major social media platforms. After you get a referral from them, ensure you make a follow up.

Contact them a few days after getting the referral and let them know of how grateful you’re. While it’s important to remind them of your services, don’t make it sound like a sales pitch.

4. Optimize Your Website for Conversions and Search Engines

Of the four initial steps to marketing your mold restoration business, optimizing your website for SEO may be a bit challenging. SEO marketing is also a continuous process, that’s why you need services of an experienced Restoration and Remediation Marketing Company.

SEO has both content and technical considerations. Contact Restoration Marketing HQ today, and let’s get more eyes on your business online.


Other ways you market your mold removal business include:

1. Newsletters

Newsletters are effective, especially around areas that are prone to mold problems. Creating an e-newsletter
that’s always delivering obliging tips and information to existing and potential clients will increase your
brand awareness.

You can also print newsletters if you feel like it would be more effective, though high-quality newsletter prints will cost you more. Also, ensure that your newsletter delivers value, tips, and insights that will help your target audience when they have mold problems.

2. Digital marketing

Hire our digital mold removal marketing specialists and let us improve your sites ranking on search engines.
We also do content marketing, and pay-per-click ads to accompany SEO.

This helps to capture the attention of customers who are specifically looking for your mold inspection and mold treatment services. We also create an attractive and well-organized landing page, which will not only engage current customers, but also attract future customers.

3. Email Marketing.

Email marketing is also another method used by our Restoration Marketing agency to do Mold Remediation Marketing. We send advertisements in the form of pitched emails to potential clients. We also send them to existing clients to make them aware of any upgraded or innovative services offered by your mold restoration company.

Our mails contain newsletters with tips and detailed articles about mold damage restoration services, which helps to keep them in touch with your company. Email marketing is not only used for marketing your company’s services but also to share relevant news about molds, its causes, and how to avoid it. Email marketing is also used to:

• Showcase your business’s knowledge and expertise to your current and potential customers.

• Email marketing allows you to address a target audience. This allows you to customize your emails
according to the recipient. You can customize based on the location, status of leads, demographics, or even
other points of data. Using targeted emails ensures that existing and potential clients with mold problems
receive content that suits their needs.

• Email marketing can also be used to increase your brand awareness by offering your mold damage
restoration business a better chance of converting potential clients into return clients.

• Email marketing has a great return on investment. This makes it very cost-effective since emails have no
printing costs, postage fees, and advertisement rates.

4. Pay Per Click Advertising

We also use PPC to effectively market the services offered by mold remediation companies. In this form of marketing, the mold damage restoration service providers pay our digital marketing company after a customer clicks on an advertisement.

Our mold treatment marketing company will place advertisements on several websites that have content related to mold damage restoration. Prospective clients who are looking for mold inspection or restoration services may click on the advert, which will give them a quick access to your company’s website.

5. Content Marketing

Restoration Marketing HQ also uses content marketing to increase the number of leads for mold damage restoration companies. Did you know that content is a key component in any internet marketing campaign? Since the internet is the main resource where potential clients look for services, having high quality content on your website is a good strategy if you want to run an effective mold treatment marketing campaign.

To effectively do mold testing marketing, our digital agency continuously monitors the relevance of the content on your website. We also ensure that the content is up to date to maintain higher ranking on search engines. Content marketing is very important for any type of digital marketing.

6. Branding

Never miss the opportunity of letting people know who about your company and how they can get in touch with you. You can brand your employee uniforms, company truck, email signature equipment, and other company spaces using logos and company themed colors.

This will let people know the kind of business you’re in and how they can reach out to you. Having a brand name that stands out from your competitors will turn strangers into customers. Ensure your company name and contact details are visible on your branding.

7. Seasonal Plans

I know you’re well aware of the seasons when mold problems are obvious. It’s vital to have a well-defined mold treatment marketing strategy before this season comes. This plan should include a compelling communication that is also compassionate.

After all, you’re marketing your services to people who don’t like seeing their homes damaged by molds. While marketing yourself, you can position yourself as the reliable Mold Remediation service provider for when disaster strikes.

8. Using Company Flyers and Brochures

Another type of mold treatment marketing technique you should consider is using flyers and brochures. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the use of brochures like most mold restoration companies do. This is due to the fact that most individuals seek detailed information about a particular mold restoration service before hiring that company.

This is why you should come up with company flyers and brochures that describe in detail what you do, how it’s done, and what makes you better than your competitors. Mold removal marketing experts at Restoration Marketing HQ can help you develop a brochure that will educate prospective clients, informing them about the services you offer and convincing them to hire you.

Our educational and informative flyers and brochures will give your clients the impression of dealing with real professionals. You can also give these brochures to other types of business providers related to your mold restoration niche. They include store owners, plumbers, and electricians.

By giving these businesses a stack of your brochures to exhibit in their premises for their clients to read or take home, their clients might become your customer. Once we have developed the flyers brochures for you, you can use them in several ways.

This includes emailing them to prospective customers, doing hand deliveries at events, distributing them in offices, or even
giving them to existing clients to make them know about other services they might not be aware of.

9. Donations

Besides being a tax write-off for your services, doing charity mold removal services gives you free marketing exposure. If a local charity organization is trying to refurbish a school, hospital, or building, you can offer your services for free.

Charity work offers your company the chance to gain a positive opinion in the public eye. This also allows you to give back to the community.

10. Don’t Overlook Your Competitors

mold remediation marketing, your competitors are as important as your business. That’s why at Restoration Marketing HQ, we also consider the strategies used by your competitors before settling for a particular strategy. This helps us to keep track of their successful methods and how we can beat them.


Restoration Marketing HQ fully appreciates the importance of making your prospective customers aware of your services. Our digital marketing for mold removal services plays a major role in this endeavor.

With all the advantages that mold removal marketing offers your business, using our professional mold inspection and treatment marketing services has the following advantages

 1. Convenience

Using Restoration Marketing HQ to market your restoration business is very convenient. The internet makes it easy to reach out to potential clients all over the world. Internet marketing is good for your business because it provide your prospective clients a better and easier way to get your services.

2. Affordability

Our mold removal marketing services are very affordable. This allows you to make cheaper and more effective adverts compared to using other methods of advertisements. Our marketing services also allow you to contact more customers compared to using traditional methods.

3. Measure and Track Results

Restoration Marketing HQ mold treatment marketing services can measure and track marketing results, a feature that’s not available when using other traditional marketing strategies. Our experts use a variety of tools to track the results of your mold remediation marketing campaign.

The tools used not only track results but also show the development of the mold inspection marketing campaign in detail.
Tracking results offers your mold damage restoration business the best clue of how effective our marketing strategy is. It helps you to know how much your niche has grown in terms of leads, traffic, conversions and sales.

Without being able to measure the results, you won’t know when to modify or alter the marketing campaign.

4. Demographic Targets

Hiring us to market your mold removal services online provide you with the ability to focus on a specific target based on where they live or work. This enables us to concentrate all the marketing efforts on the preferred audience and selected demographic regions.

Demographic targeting also provides the capability to target customers who are more likely to hire your services. When a person gets into your website and fills a form, it provides you a better idea of your customers, their age, location, and interests. This gives you a clue of how to shape the services you provide to match customers’ needs.

5. Comprehensive Marketing

Restoration Marketing HQ also gives you an opportunity to market your product and services globally. By doing several weeks of aggressive SEO, we can help you secure hundreds of mold restoration clients by reaching huge audiences from all over. We can help you reach your target audiences wherever they are.

If your target audience for mold restoration services has more than the local market, we can help you utilize global marketing to your benefits.

6. Ability to Multitask

Using Restoration Marketing HQ for your online marketing also allows you to manage hundreds of clients at a go. As long as your website is SEO optimized, potential and existing clients can visit your site and make inquiries about your products simultaneously without lessened satisfaction risk.

This feature of internet marketing adaptability is vital for any service provider who wants to give their potential clients the best

7. Readily available Marketing

Besides reducing costs, our internet marketing programs run around the clock. Unlike traditional marketing methods, internet marketing doesn’t have time constraints. simultaneously, using our services wouldn’t leave you worrying about paying overtime to your staff.

Moreover, our internet marketing services for your mold damage restoration services are not affected by regional and international time differences. You won’t have to be worried about the availability of the services or online campaigns.

Furthermore, prospective customers can go through your services at the most convenient time.

8. Diversified Advertising and Marketing

When targeting a specific audience, diversification plays a vital role in doing mold removal marketing campaigns. Diversification includes using various strategies and tactics in order to reach prospective clients.

By using our online marketing services, diversification becomes much easier. We always run various marketing techniques simultaneously to implement mold remediation marketing campaigns better..

9. Builds lasting relationships with your clients

As long as your business exists online, your clients will always find you. Using our mold inspection marketing services allows potential clients to access your contact information, which includes email addresses easily.

As a service provider, you can also use this mutual relationship to send service updates to your customers regarding new services and special discounts. Furthermore, it also allows you to keep in touch with your customers after offering them your services

10. Helps in Establishing a Good Brand Reputation

For any type of service provider to survive in this competitive market, company owners need to work on establishing impeccable brand reputations. This is because most clients who look for services online prefer hiring companies that are not associated with scandals.

Our Restoration Marketing HQ team offers your mold treatment marketing campaigns in ways that establish a good personal rapport with your existing and potential customer base.

Grow Your Mold Remediation Business Using Our Mold Remediation Marketing Services

The future of Restoration services marketing seems very bright. However, most brands make a mistake of competing against each other using the same tactics and marketing strategies. On the contrary, at Restoration Marketing HQ, we use different methods and modes to delve and make an impact on new and existing customers.

Mold removal marketing has lots of benefits. If you are looking for ways to reach out to your clients and grow your customer base, Restoration Marketing HQ. is here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today.